The Battle of Edgehill

A comprehensive website dedicated to the English Civil War Battle of Edgehill fought in Warwickshire October 1642.

[…] this most exciting, engaging and enigmatic of battlefields.
Scott, Turton, Von Arni. (Edgehill - The battle reinterpreted). 2004.

The Battlefield

An innovative dynamic map illustrating all the points of interest from the battlefield.

Dynamic battlefield map

Battle of Edgehill website map
The Battle of Edgehill dynamic map of the battlefield
  • Army deployments
  • Battle related locations
  • Battle archaeology
  • Historic landscapes
  • Satellite views (and street views)
  • Historic mapping and images
  • Panoramic photographs
  • Clickable army deployment polygons
  • Local traditions locations
  • Alternative deployment interpretations
  • Public rights of way and permissive paths
  • and much more.

The most comprehensive compendium of knowledge relating to the Edgehill battlefield, supplemented with original revelations credited to this website and its research. The battlefield map includes battle landmarks, army deployments and traditional sites of local lores, all presented graphically upon an interactive dynamic map. Clickable map markers show the uphill charge, the cannon overshoots, the parliamentary camp, the archaeology, the graves, the ditch defence, the Dragoon hedges, the field hospital, the routes into the field and much much more.

Camera icons provide unrivalled views of restricted areas of the core battlefield and from across the vale. Historic terrain overlays provide clarity for how the battlefield appeared at the time and the very latest interpretations of where the armies formally deployed are clearly shown. Every icon, troop and regiment is clickable, revealing further information, quotes and insights.

Kings sleeping in barns? Royalists deploying along Edgehill? Prince Rupert regrouping east of Kineton? Radway Tower marking where the Royal Standard had flown? These myths and more are explored as well as the credible tales from the battlefield and local villages.

Modern research has vastly improved our understanding of the battlefield and where the action actually took place and this website illustrates the evolution of how research and understanding has improved or changed through the decades. This new battlefield map reveals new and fresh research, including several reverlations credited to this website. The battlefield map is the main destination and focus of this website where you can access all the website's content.

Key Facts about the Battle

A concise overview of events, tactics and the combatants of the battle.

Key facts and bullet points about the Battle of Edgehill provide as much detail as required to understand what happened in Warwickshire on that sunny October afternoon in 1642.

Accounts of the Battle

An account of the battle written by those who were there.

Read at first hand the days events through the eyes of those that fought at Edgehill. Many accounts of the battle were written by those who were there and several documents, letters and records from the 17th century also contribute to our understanding - helping to bring a distant historical event much closer to home. Here an approximate timeline of the battle is created by key quotes from several contemporary and near contemporary sources.

Individual's stories from the battlefield

Remarkable accounts of individual actions and experiences from the Battle of Edgehill.

In addition to its military history - weapons, tactics and politics - the Battle of Edgehill created its own unique collection of anecdotes, legends and individual experiences. This collection provides an insight into individual and personal experiences of the battle.

From treachery, to the capture and recapture of the Banner Royal, through to the heart breaking tales of sons searching for their fathers, unromantic sombre facts mix with largely forgotten stories of bravery and chivalry; most famous during the Victorian era.

Local Battlefield Tradtions

For many, battlefield traditions provide accessible and fascinating details.

The more credible battlefield tales and lores from around Warwickshire's Edgehill offer curious insights into the day's events and the battle's impact upon the local population.

Edgehill Battle Archaeology

A comprehensive compendium of archaeological finds from the battlefield

Archaeology from Edgehill's battlefield has slowly revealed many of the battle's secrets as well as providing a test case for modern battlefield archaeological methodologies. Here this compendium brings together all published details of archaeology from Edgehill.

Terrain Conjecture

Includes original research helping determine the landscape as it would have appeared in 1642.

A comprehensive study of historic works and documents (new to the subject) present new details concerning the day's events, including the meadow where the royalists first congregated after their descent from Edgehill, the Mercian border and hedgerow which crossed the battlefield, the ancient pit used as a mass grave, ancient enclosures dated and secured (used by Parliaments rightwing), a barn possibly used by the dying Lindsey, the Nibsbury field enclosure on the royalist right, lost fields located and surface terrain (moore, pasture and gorse) established across the central action.